Introductory/Assessment Session - 60 minutes: $100 | 90 minutes: $140

In this session, we will go over your health and injury history and discuss in detail how any injuries or patterns of pain or dysfunction have developed and impacted your life. We will also outline goals for our work and evaluate standing and walking structural alignment. We will then go to the table and I will perform the first round of tissue manipulation and release that will most readily address any dysfunctions or pain we've discussed or discovered. I like to have people wait 24-48 hours and see how this first round of treatment 'lands' in their body at which point we discuss next steps and frequency for treatment.

Foundational Series - Level 1 - 90 minutes: $150 (10 sessions: $1450)

The Foundational Series uses 90 minute sessions to proceed through the classic 10-session sequence of structural integration. The series covers in detail all major myofascial layers from head to toe and brings in significant ilio-psoas (pelvis and 'core') release. After completing this series a client might choose to stop there and enjoy the benefits of a released, aligned, and awakened body, or she might proceed with more targeted work in any areas that have stood out from doing the 10-session work or choose to proceed with the Advanced Series of structural integration work.

Advanced Series - Level 2 – 120 minutes: $200 (10 sessions: $1950)

The Advanced Series uses 120 minute sessions to follow through the 10-session sequence of structural integration. The longer format allows us to go deeper and into more detail as we pass through all layers of myofascia again. We follow the same progression as in the Foundational Series, but because the body gets increasingly more open, awake, and release-able as the body accumulates sessions of bodywork, each additional time through the 10-session series takes us into deeper, richer, and more detailed territory. I describe each round of 10-session work like a wave, or cycle. Each additional cycle promotes increased structural integration and somatic awakeness and intelligence with it.

Site-specific work/maintenance - 60 Minutes: $125 (10 Sessions: $1200)

Site-specific sessions are used to work on isolated areas of tissue aberration, injury, or dysfunction. Often when a client first comes to me with significant pain in one area, we may use one or several sessions to relieve the pain in that local area before working more globally in the 10-session structural integration sequence. Maintenance sessions are used after or between cycles of 10-session structural integration. They are used to keep the body open, balanced, and fluid. Often, in maintenance sessions we will focus on opening up the psoas and core and balancing through the spine, shoulders, and neck.